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Applet Parameters

<applet code="navprone.class" width="150" height="220" MAYSCRIPT>
<param name="font" value="Helvetica, 1, 12">
<param name="target" value="right">
<param name="bgcolor" value="005A94">
<param name="button" value="yes, AAAAAA, triangle">
<param name="vspacing" value="2">
<param name="border" value="yes">
<param name="linebreak" value=";">
<param name="level" value="4">

<param name="filename" value="example.txt">

<param name="menucolor1" value="005A94, FFF06D">
<param name="fontcolor1" value="FFFFFF, 000000">
<param name="menucolor2" value="707DFF, FFFF00">
<param name="fontcolor2" value="FFFFFF, 000000">
<param name="menucolor3" value="959CFF, FFF0A7">
<param name="fontcolor3" value="FFFFFF, 000000">
<param name="menucolor4" value="959CFF, FFF0A7">
<param name="fontcolor4" value="FFFFFF, 000000">

font : Font parameters in the format: "font name, style, size". Font style. Plain = 0; Bold : 1; Italic : 2; Bold + Italic : 3
target : Default target frame or windows for all links.

button : Configuration parameters for the button in the format. "button_on (yes or no), colour (in hexadecimal), shape (triangle or square)".
border : Button border effects. "yes" (default) or "no".
vspacing : Spacing between the menu items. Integer.

bgimage : Filename of the background image.
tile : Tile the background image. "yes" or "no" (default)

linebreak : Symbol used to denote a line break for the menu description. default : ";"
level : number of menu levels
filename : file containing the menu definition.

bgcolor : Colour of the background in hexadecimal
menucolor[i] : Menu color at the ith level specified in the format: "normal, highlighted"
fontcolor[i] : Menu font color at the ith level "normal, highlighted"